“Steamed” Health

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From a delicious point of view, steaming brings out the natural fresh taste of food, but also maintains the authenticity of the food.

From a nutritional point of view, steaming preserves most of the protein, cellulose and other nutrients in the food.

From an environmental point of view, steaming is an environmentally friendly and healthy cooking method. It is smoke-free and healthy. It also keeps the kitchen clean.

In terms of health, steamed foods are easier to digest than frying and frying foods. They do not come into contact with high-temperature oils, and they maintain good nutrition. They are also good for the gastrointestinal system.

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Why did you choose DZH Seafood?

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– Steamed eating, preserves the authenticity of the ingredients.
– Delicious seafood essence porridge.
– Fresh and live seafood.
– A variety of seafood options.
– Beautiful and comfortable environment.
– Professional and caring service.
– Good place for dinner.

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Enjoy the most popular “SAUNABOAT” now!

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DZH Seafood uses “sauna” to steam and eat. What is a steamed sauna? In fact, is a pot of two layer, the upper layer is all kinds of seafood steamed to eat, the lower is the crab porridge. During the “steaming” process, you will heard the sound of “zizi” as if steaming in the sauna was making steam on the red stone, so this is also called sauna eating. It is just seafood in the sauna!

“Steaming” is a healthier diet and better locks for the flavour of the food. Of course, the most important thing for steamed seafood are the fresh ingredients, to maximize the retention and inspire the original flavour of seafood and to capture the food critical taste. Do not miss it for those who love to eat seafood!

The most suitable method for human body cooking !

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The hot summer came again, and many people started to worry about eating. The weather was too hot, the appetite was greatly reduced, and the cooking process in the kitchen would be very tormented. The high-quality DZH Seafood saunaboat is a hotpot device developed using high-tech cooking method. The whole process can be done without using an open flame. As long as you are ready to clean a variety of ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious meal, which is convenient.

Steamed for a few minutes, without waiting and make full use of distilled water evenly sprayed into the pot to heat the food, lock the moisture and vitamins of the ingredients.

Long-term cooking does not produce purines, and there are fewer oils and fats, suitable for all ages and young people. It is particularly suitable for the dietary needs of healthy people.

The saunaboat is mainly cooked by steaming food with water, which can fully cleave the starch polysaccharides in the food, which is beneficial to human body absorption.

Saunaboat is also called steam hot pot, mainly using water as a medium to cook. The temperature is only around 100 degrees Celsius. It not only steam the cooked food but also sterilize it, avoiding the harmful substances such as benzopyrene produced under the barbecue conditions and ensuring food safety. The better the taste of the ingredients, the nutrients of the food in the cooking process will not be lost due to peroxidation or hydrolysis.

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The Best 7 of Saunaboat

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The Most Delicious: The Fresh Ingredients + Cooking Time = Yummy!

The Most Healthiest: The saunaboat is completely cooked by high-temperature steam, which reduces the intake of oil, salt and other substances. It is particularly suitable for “three high” people and sub-health people, and it really keeps people away from obesity, high blood fat, high blood pressure and other diseases. Cooking for a long time will not produce purines, ensuring healthy eating!

The Latest Trend: Saunaboat use it technology to cook the fresh ingredients fast and healthy. With the steaming schedule, the fresh ingredients can be eaten freshest at a glance.

Most Healthy: Saunaboat instant high temperature and high pressure can create internal heating for food ingredients, and to maximize the taste, shape and nutrition of the ingredients to ensure that are no loss of nutrients. Steamed vegetables contain polyphenols nutrients, make us more healthy.

The Most Intelligent: Using microcomputer and steam valve dual control technology, first with a microcomputer to choose large, medium or small power, and then use the steam valve switch to further fine-tune the steam pressure size, through the pressure sensor signal input chip program using microcomputer-controlled cooking when using the best power required.

The Most Environmentally Friendly: High-temperature and high-pressure steam can clean the harmful ingredients of the raw materials of the dishes, and the pots and pans are also steam sterilized, avoiding the chance of secondary pollution. Steamed for oil-free cooking, no smoke, health and environmental protection.

The Most Intimate: Saunaboat are for 2-10 people dining, the pot is easy and stable to use.

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