To lead the new trend of human healt and promote the new culture of health

DZH Seafood Saunaboat

The charm of DZH Seafood Saunaboat are to fulfill the customer’s needs, many Hong Kong celebrities have also visited DZH Seafood Saunaboat, also said “Hong Kong Star Canteen,” we always provide the best, fresh and lively seafood!

DZH Seafood Saunaboat is nothing special than in the bottom of the porridge, coupled with lively seafood in the steam cooking into the essence, after eating seafood, and then taste the porridge, absolutely will let you praise! Experience the most popular saunaboat experience nowadays!

DZH Seafood Saunaboat, where the soup is made of artisan secret soup base, so that all customers can enjoy the enjoyment of the artist’s intentions, and feel for customers intentions!

Philosophy: “Leading the new trend of human health, promote the world’s new culture of health.”
Vision: “Let people eat a happy life, become a respected century enterprise.”
Mission: “To provide people with Health and Fresh saunaboat!”
Values: “Integrity Management, Quality Assurance, Customer First”
Product Concept: To ensure the original flavour of food and fresh ingredients.
Customer View: To ensure customer satisfaction, happy service.
Talent View: Willing to Learn, Professional Pay.