Enjoy the most popular “SAUNABOAT” now!

By March 24, 2018News

DZH Seafood uses “sauna” to steam and eat. What is a steamed sauna? In fact, is a pot of two layer, the upper layer is all kinds of seafood steamed to eat, the lower is the crab porridge. During the “steaming” process, you will heard the sound of “zizi” as if steaming in the sauna was making steam on the red stone, so this is also called sauna eating. It is just seafood in the sauna!

“Steaming” is a healthier diet and better locks for the flavour of the food. Of course, the most important thing for steamed seafood are the fresh ingredients, to maximize the retention and inspire the original flavour of seafood and to capture the food critical taste. Do not miss it for those who love to eat seafood!