The most suitable method for human body cooking !

By March 19, 2018News

The hot summer came again, and many people started to worry about eating. The weather was too hot, the appetite was greatly reduced, and the cooking process in the kitchen would be very tormented. The high-quality DZH Seafood saunaboat is a hotpot device developed using high-tech cooking method. The whole process can be done without using an open flame. As long as you are ready to clean a variety of ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious meal, which is convenient.

Steamed for a few minutes, without waiting and make full use of distilled water evenly sprayed into the pot to heat the food, lock the moisture and vitamins of the ingredients.

Long-term cooking does not produce purines, and there are fewer oils and fats, suitable for all ages and young people. It is particularly suitable for the dietary needs of healthy people.

The saunaboat is mainly cooked by steaming food with water, which can fully cleave the starch polysaccharides in the food, which is beneficial to human body absorption.

Saunaboat is also called steam hot pot, mainly using water as a medium to cook. The temperature is only around 100 degrees Celsius. It not only steam the cooked food but also sterilize it, avoiding the harmful substances such as benzopyrene produced under the barbecue conditions and ensuring food safety. The better the taste of the ingredients, the nutrients of the food in the cooking process will not be lost due to peroxidation or hydrolysis.

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