The Best 7 of Saunaboat

By March 10, 2018News

The Most Delicious: The Fresh Ingredients + Cooking Time = Yummy!

The Most Healthiest: The saunaboat is completely cooked by high-temperature steam, which reduces the intake of oil, salt and other substances. It is particularly suitable for “three high” people and sub-health people, and it really keeps people away from obesity, high blood fat, high blood pressure and other diseases. Cooking for a long time will not produce purines, ensuring healthy eating!

The Latest Trend: Saunaboat use it technology to cook the fresh ingredients fast and healthy. With the steaming schedule, the fresh ingredients can be eaten freshest at a glance.

Most Healthy: Saunaboat instant high temperature and high pressure can create internal heating for food ingredients, and to maximize the taste, shape and nutrition of the ingredients to ensure that are no loss of nutrients. Steamed vegetables contain polyphenols nutrients, make us more healthy.

The Most Intelligent: Using microcomputer and steam valve dual control technology, first with a microcomputer to choose large, medium or small power, and then use the steam valve switch to further fine-tune the steam pressure size, through the pressure sensor signal input chip program using microcomputer-controlled cooking when using the best power required.

The Most Environmentally Friendly: High-temperature and high-pressure steam can clean the harmful ingredients of the raw materials of the dishes, and the pots and pans are also steam sterilized, avoiding the chance of secondary pollution. Steamed for oil-free cooking, no smoke, health and environmental protection.

The Most Intimate: Saunaboat are for 2-10 people dining, the pot is easy and stable to use.

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